The looks do matter!

For the automotive freaks, along with the high performance of their vehicles, also matters the fact that how cool and clean do their vehicles look in comparison to the others. Along with the regular car painting maintenance, they try their level best to avoid the tiniest of the scratches or irregular paint finishes and keep on maintaining that classy look of their car. To aid for the purpose, car wash mitt is getting popular these days. It not only provides a finer wash but also maintains the basic structure of the vehicle intact and works smooth and tenderly over the vehicle body. This article further describes the same in more detail and presents the advantages of using the same.

What is the car wash mitt?

Car wash mitt is basically composed of the Microfibers that are small synthetic fiber formed of polyester and polyamide in the desired ratio as per the degree of use and purpose of washing. These fibers are very fine and have the diameter in the ranges of 1/100th of the diameter of an average human hair. These fibrils when get sewn together to form a car washcloth, form the perfect material for tender and gentle washing of dirt, grease,and other oily products from the car body. It does not leave any washing scratch mark over the body and imparts the ideal and perfect spotless cleaning.

The ideal blend ratio and the microfibril density

The blend ratio of a microfibril car wash mitt is defined as the percentage of polyester and polyamide used in making of the material for the washing of the car. For example, if the blend ratio is defined as 75/25, this implies that the material for washing of the car contains 75 percent of polyester and 25 percent of polyamide.

Generally, this composition varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and highly depends upon the degree of use made by the target customers over their vehicles.The higher the percentage of the polyamide in the blend ratio, softer will be the material for the mitt. Similarly, the other characteristics like the toughness, softness, durability and absorption ability of the material can be manipulated easily by changing this blend as per your desired requirements.

Along with the blend ratio of the material, these microfibril towels are also decided upon the density of the microfibrils. This factor is expressed in the units of grams per square meter or GSM. The higher the value of density, more softer, thicker and better absorbing capacity of the towel will it be. For example, having a towel of 1200 GSM has better absorption properties when compared to the ones with 650 GSM. This parameter also depends upon the manufacturers and again depends upon the extensive use of the target customers.

Some things are in your hands too!

Apart from having the best of the car wash mitt, there are also human factors which when followed properly would lessen up the chances of having car scratches or swirl marks even further. Following are some of the listed ones:-

  • The car washing must never be done under direct sunlight, as it heats up the body easily and then upon applying the liquid car wash over the surface can take off the paint over the surface along with the wash.
  • Different parts of the car like the wheels, body, glass, and paints must be washed with separate clothes in order to avoid the swirl marks and impart the finest look to the body.
  • Swirl marks are the basic microscopic scratches on the body that get deepened in the longer course due to increased friction over the same via rough washing. Hence using the best car wash mitt and proper quality of polish and wax is very important to reduce the relative friction over the surfaces and prevent the spreading of these marks.
  • Use of dry towels for wiping off the dry surfaces is strictly avoided, as it creates more friction over the surfaces and hence leads to the issue of car scratches and swirl marks.
  • Before using any liquid car wash, the entire body must be washed or rinsed properly with water first to remove the elementary dirt particles and reduce the frictional forces over the surfaces. Post that, the cleaning by the towel might commence imparting the best possible car finish
  • Two bucket system of the car wash is highly recommended, where the first bucket has the mixture of the water and car wash and the second one of pure water only. After washing a part, the towel can be dipped in the clean water to remove the existing dirt over the same and then used further for the cleaning of the other parts.
  • The car should be washed regularly in intervals of once a week in order to keep that classy look intact for the longer durations.

Parameters for the best car wash mitt

In the market, one can find the various different brands of mitts which claim to provide the ultimate cleaning experience. But the ultimate question lies in how to choose the best. Hence in order to determine the best, the following pointers need to be considered while settling down on a particular brand: –

  • The microfibril properties, that include its density, blend ratio, toughness, durability and the other required parameters that ensure its durability and longer use in the further course of time.
  • Excellent water absorbing capacity of the material, so that the friction decreases extensively and then the wash can be done in a smoother and gentler manner that avoids the swirl marks and scratches
  • Economical prices that support the general pockets and machine washable in order to keep re-using the same for a longer time
  • A good warranty over the product and a proper guarantee for the effective working of the same.

Based on the above parameters, some of the famous brands of the recent times include Chemical Guys, Relentless Drive, Chaole, Blue Care and Detailer’s choice.