Provides the necessary skills to excel in legal practice for DBA Degree Online

Unlike others, in this career, our students train from the first day, to develop the necessary skills to excel in legal practice. Among them: the writing of technical and judicial writings, the oral and written defense of their arguments, the ability to negotiate, debate, mediate and resolve conflicts, creativity at the moment of thinking the strategy of a case, the methodology to investigate, analyze and validate the evidence, the reasoning and judicial decision making.

All this is done within the framework of a detailed knowledge of the civil and criminal process. As a culmination of the career, the student performs a Supervised Professional Practice, which provides an effective experience of the various kinds of professional work. The career of Advocacy includes each semester, a course dedicated to providing all these skills. It offers solid knowledge of the law and jurisprudence. The courses of the Plan of DBA Degree Online respond to the new demands originated in the great transformations of our legal system. They incorporate the changes in criminal and labour matters and the new regulatory frameworks.

Far from the rote teaching that has marked the education of lawyers in the past, teachers privilege the use of dynamic teaching methods, which promote dialogue and debate, as well as the development of critical capacity and practical reasoning.

What are the advantages of this modality for DBA Degree Online?

Time management: Online education is ideal for those who have responsibilities such as permanent employment, small children, and family members to attend and find it difficult to attend classes daily at the institution. These courses are completed in 5 semesters and the graduate obtains the professional technical degree in the chosen career.

  • Lower cost online classes have the advantage of reducing the costs of transport, food and in many cases, accommodation, for the student of the province.
  • Without Borders:¬†When studying online there are no geographical borders, so you can choose to study a career that is not taught in your city.
  • We have a campus and virtual library through the module platform. The programs are designed to be dynamic and facilitate learning.
  • Recognized and validated: Today, there is no curricular difference between a face-to-face program and a program studied online.
  • New skills: You will develop certain competencies such as time management, work in virtual environments, self-management and development of research skills, among others.

Purpose for DBA Degree Online:

To form a professional of the right committed to the high values of the justice, the equity, the common good, the order the security of the individuals and the institutions. Provide the law student with the necessary scientific, technical, cultural and axiological knowledge to develop as a legal professional, to the fullest extent of the term. In addition to possessing the necessary knowledge regarding the foundation of law as a science and its historical background, the legal professional will understand, analyze and apply human rights, individual guarantees, constitutional justice, the political and legal structure of the State, the philosophy of the law, aspects relating to the person: family, property, property, obligations, contracts, commerce;


The law degree has a solid theoretical background complemented with workshops to develop legal practice skills in students.


Interest in knowing the aspects related to the process of application and interpretation of the law, in order to ensure the high values that the legal profession should seek. Maintain an attitude of permanent updating and continuous improvement in scientific knowledge in general and in particular with technological advances related to DBA Degree Online.

Labor Field

Graduates of the law degree can develop professionally in the public sector, in the judicial, legislative and executive branches, as judges, defenders, politicians, diplomats and public prosecutors. In the same way, there is a field of action in the private area, exercising the legal profession as business consultants, solicitors and public notaries; also, teaching and research occupy an important area of development for the legal profession.

Social Importance

The career of Law allows satisfying the need for the existence of professionals who are coadjutants to maintain the rule of law in all areas of society.

They provide:

  • A solid interdisciplinary base and foundations of law that allow advancement in specific studies.
  • Knowledge of the different fields of public and private law, including civil law, obligations and contracts, damages, real rights, family, criminal, commercial, business and corporate, international, environmental and other rights.

Address corporate matters, resolving conflicts of commercial law based on negotiation mechanisms, arbitration and legal mediation, and proposing business organization schemes, to ensure proper functioning to business needs based on current legislation.

Carry out tasks of the public function in legal areas with ethics and social responsibility, as judge, minister or magistrate, both in the state judicial powers and in the Federal Judicial Power.

DBA Degree Online includes the option to guide the race:

  • The course includes 4 elective courses, which allow orientation towards the field selected by the student, among them: business law, civil law, criminal law, public law and others.
  • These courses can be chosen among those who integrate the career or among some of the graduate subjects developed by the University.
  • Those who choose their 4 elective courses in the same field of law, will receive a Certificate, in addition to their diploma of Lawyer, indicating the orientation they have given to their curriculum.
  • In this way, the career teaches to think and act “like a lawyer”, with the knowledge, skills and mentality necessary to lead their profession.
  • A close relationship with the most prestigious law faculties in the world

First Legal Clinic in the country

The Faculty of Law of the University of ALU has been a pioneer in practical teaching, developing innovative methodologies that have placed it at the forefront in the training of lawyers in Latin America. Its Legal Clinic, founded in 1995, has allowed students of law, under the direction of their professors, to win in the courts, even in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, complex cases on the most diverse legal issues.