A heavy duty dog cage is a cage normally designed to be used with strong canines. The cage may be used like a tool in managing separation anxiety or any other type of anxiety that the dog can suffer. You may also use it if you want to keep safe your items or your dog if you are not around.

The best cage should not be made from the wires. If you are looking for the best heavy duty crate, then keep in mind the following features in mind.

Horizontal and vertical walls: the best heavy duty cage should have 20 gauge tubes to make the walls. The tubes have to be welded at the two ends to ensure that they are strong. Every place where one metal touch another, it has to be welded, strengthening of the ribs of the dog cage works as a backup option. It makes the wall to be stronger.

Construction: the latest cage are being made with 20 gauge and ¾’’ inch steel frame and it is then reinforced using 1/2 inch diameters steel tube to achieve a durable, sturdiest and strongest cage.

Industrial style wheeling system

If you will have to move your cage from one place to another, then you should look for the cage that has rolling wheels with the brakes so that you can move the cage and to fix it in another spot. There will be no need to walk with the cage around your home.


You should ensure that the dog have enough space so that it can turn around in its new cage. You have to ensure enough head room when it seats down. The cages are found in different sizes and you can get the cage for any dog breed you own. Instead of using outside dimension, use inside measurements since it is where the dog will be.


A heavy duty dog cage comes with a door at its front at its longest dimension. It works well and it is too stronger since it allows enough space inside and it lets the dog in or out when it is time to get its toys, water or food.


You have to be aware of how door locks since it important. The lock has to be easy to close and you should know the locking mechanisms of different cages. Some owners may have dog that are expert in escaping. They can figure out how they can manipulate locks when it is time to escape. The best cage should have at least two different locks. Make sure that you checked the locks before you buy the cage. If you think that you should reinforce locks, you should get an extra locking system from your local hardware. The best cage is the one that it is strong enough to keep a door closed when the dog is inside.

Metal finish

The heavy duty dog cage has to be finished using high grade and long lasting tone to ensure that it is durable and rust resistant. Each heavy duty cage should feature metal pan. When you use a plastic pan, it can break, creak or dry out or sometime strong dog may chew on it. Always go for cage that have heavy duty or wire metal and not plastic.


Remember that the dimension may vary from one manufacturer to another so ensure that you get the real measurements before you buy the cage.

It is time to buy a heavy duty dog cage if your dog has already chewed into the pet cage or it had escaped before or when your dog suffer any anxiety type including separation anxiety.

Some dog owners will buy the cage when they want to keep the dog calm because of separation anxiety. A large and strong dog may do too much damage on the property and on itself when you leave it alone.