The Panini grills allow us to prepare all kinds of dishes easily, although for this it is necessary that these products have a quality and outstanding power. These are two of the main keys we have when choosing this type of kitchen tools so that we can work comfortably and save problems during the process. Among the most outstanding models of the market, we have the Panini grill Princess 112412, the favorite of the users. A model with 2000 watts of power and a good cooking area in which to prepare everything you want without anything sticking or spoiling. Something similar is offered by the grill H. Koenig GR20 that in addition to power adjustable by means of his thermostat, offers us a non-stick format that helps that nothing gets hooked when preparing any type of dish. See this checkout this Panini press guide.

What is the best Panini grill on the market?

If you are looking for the best Panini the most suitable is to look at the checkout this Panini press guide. Among the most versatile tools in our kitchen is the Panini grill. A product that allows us to prepare almost everything: meat, fish, toast, bread of all kinds and many more dishes without forgetting the Panini’s. For this preparation of dishes is the best, it is advisable to know what to look for when buying. Something you can know by consulting the tips of our guide to buy the best Panini grill depending on what you prefer and your cooking needs.

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Operating power and control

As in any comparison of kitchen tools, the power of the product is one of the keys of the same. This electrical power is responsible for heating the plates and maintaining the proper temperature to be able to cook evenly. That is why it is advisable that you bet on products with more power precisely to save time and to be able to choose the right temperature. In this case, the most reasonable power is 2000 watts, with 1500 watts being enough in those models that only cook with one iron. In any case, if you can have a thermostat system to adjust this temperature. In some models, these temperatures are adjusted directly while in others simply a greater or lesser amount of heat is established.

Although it is true that for many dishes it is not necessary to establish a specific temperature, such as Panini’s or sandwiches, for others such as fish or certain meats this control is important. So you just have to choose the type of control format you prefer based on what you are going to prepare and your cooking skills.

Space and way of work

Although the idea of Panini grill is to work closely, the truth is that in many of the products on the market we have options that allow us to work with closed or open plates. The difference between these types of products is that the second plate is hot or not, as in the case of cheap models. In case you do not have large cooking needs or you are just going to use the grill in a toaster and similar format, you can bet on a simple plate that only uses the lower rack, which saves time and hassle in cleaning. If you need more space, your choice is the products with two active plates. These models open completely offering twice the cooking surface with the same characteristics of temperature and power.

In any case, be sure to check the measurements of the plate, which usually tend to be around 30 centimeters wide by 25 centimeters deep. If you need more space bet on the models that follow this size and the double plate format. If this is not the case and you are looking for a more economical Panini grill, this aspect can be overlooked, since the space in most products is usually similar.

Cleaning the product

Eating is a pleasure until it’s time to scrub. If we can save time and hassle during the process, the truth is that it is something worth investing. And considering that there are a couple of elements that allow us precisely to facilitate the task of cleaning, and also the cooking, it is interesting to know what we are talking about to choose this type of products. One of these aspects is the non-stick material from which the product we have chosen is manufactured. Obviously, you should not choose any Panini grill that does not have a quality non-stick, as this will cause the food to stick and not be well during cooking. Something that also seriously harms cleaning, as well as the grease, is more stuck and is more difficult to remove.

In this aspect, the presence of a fat-collecting element is something that besides helping us to cook in a healthier way, it also facilitates cleaning. In any case, this cleaning is also easier if you choose products made of quality materials. It is always easier to clean a Panini grill made of stainless steel than a plastic one, for example. Although there is a difference in how much the product costs, the truth is that this benefit is worth it.

Ease of cleaning

The edges of the cooking plates prevent excessive fat loss. The drainage system leads to a separate tray that can be easily removed. For added safety, this tray is located on the back of the grill so that the hot grease is as far away as possible from the operator. Cooking surfaces can be easily cleaned with a simple cloth or a metal spatula. Watch out for the check out this Panini press guide.

Special design

The hinges due to their special design allow horizontal and vertical mobility of the upper plate, adjusting perfectly to the food that is being prepared. The chassis is separated from the cooking plates allowing air to circulate freely. This same design protects the timer, the thermostat and the other electrical components from heat. The grill has been designed to perform the toughest tasks of your establishment.

What is the best Panini grill of 2018- check out this Panini press guide?

Prepare a tasty Panini, toast or even cook small pieces of meat and fish is a simple task, provided you have a Panini grill quality and adequate. To know what is the best Panini grill of the moment it is necessary to take into account aspects such as size, power or cleanliness. But in any case, if you do not have it clear, we offer you some candidates from among the best Panini’s grill of 2018.