“Home is where the heart is” and so everyone likes to keep their house nice and tidy. After a long and tiring day at work, school or college no one wants to come back home to a messy and cluttered house. No one wants to go to cook some food in the kitchen only to find out there has been a mountain of dishes growing in the sink or suspicious looking stains on your kitchen slabs. Not dusting your house regularly can lead to an increase in allergen levels, ex: dust, and therefore cause an outbreak of the flu and so on.

A clean home is a happy home and therefore we want to bring to you our top 10 tips on home cleaning. This list will tackle some of the more common problems faced by your average person whilst cleaning their house. Click here now to go to our website and view the list for yourself.

Top 10 tips to keep your house clean and neat:

  1. Clean your ceiling fan: This particular item tends to escape the notice of most people until they happen to glance upwards and realize that their ceiling fan is covered in dust and has turned black almost. To clean your fan you will need:
  2. A pillow case
  3. A sturdy stepladder
  4. Dusting spray (you can use water also it isn’t necessary to use only the spray)

Directions: Spray your pillow case with water or dusting spray (dusting spray has an added advantage of not only removing the dirt but also repelling further dirt from gathering on the fan). Ascend the ladder and cover an entire fan blade with the pillowcase; then remove it whilst pressing down so that it takes away all the dirt and grime along with it in one swift motion. This saves time and a lot of paper towels that would have otherwise been wasted. Use this same method on all the fan blades.

  1. Clean and freshen up your mattress: Your bed is an important part of your daily routine and if it doesn’t feel clean then your sleeping pattern is likely to be affected. While it is not possible to wash your mattress follow the steps given below to have it smelling nice and fresh in no time at all. To do so you will need:
  2. Baking soda
  3. Scented oil (it is optional)
  4. Vacuum cleaner with furniture attachment

Directions: Remove any bedding that is still left on your mattress; sheets, blankets and the like. Pour a cup of baking soda into a container dotted with holes at the top (like a salt shaker) and add a few drops of scented oil (if you want to). Use the container to then spread out the baking soda evenly over the mattress (it soaks up body oils) and leave it on for an hour or so. Then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the soda from the mattress and voila there you have it a fresh mattress.

  1. Tub and shower cleaning: One of the dirtiest parts of any house will obviously be the shower. If you have a problem getting soap scums and the like out of your shower then fear no more we have just the solution for you.

You will need:

  1. A spray bottle
  2. Distilled white vinegar
  3. Dishwashing liquid

Directions: Heat a little vinegar in your microwave until it is hot and then make a solution that is two thirds distilled vinegar and a third of dishwashing liquid (the measurements vary depending on the size of your spray bottle). Spray it all over your tub, let it rest for a while and then scrub and rinse it off for a cleaner tub.

  1. Cleaning your kitchen: Your kitchen needs to be clean and hygienic as this is where the food is prepared and if it is done so in unsanitary conditions then that leads to sickness for the entire family. Instead of using different products and sprays that targets different surface use the instructions given below to make a kitchen cleaner that works for everything. You will need:
  2. Baking soda
  3. Hydrogen peroxide

Directions: Add 1/4th of a cup of baking soda and a few spoons of hydrogen peroxide to make a thick paste that can be used to clean anything in your kitchen that is covered with stubborn stains, gunk etc.

  1. Cleaning window and door screens: If your window and door screens have cobwebs, hair from your pets and other debris that is hard to remove stuck to it, all you got to do is use a lint roller and rub it along the surface you want to clean.
  2. Steam clean your microwave using this easy solution: As your microwave is the place where you usually heat your food up it’s important to maintain its cleanliness. Use a vinegar and water solution mixed in a microwave safe bowl to steam clean it. Scrubbing isn’t required and this method is a cheap one.
  3. Use a few drops of lemon dishwashing liquid in your bathroom brush cleaner: Adding a few drops of lemon dishwashing liquid (or any other strong cleaning agent that uses lemon in it) to the bottom of your bathroom brush container not only makes your bathroom smell nice and fresh it also disinfects your toilet brush.
  4. Cleaning your washing machine: When was the last time you actually stopped to brush and rinse out your washing machine? The whole purpose of the machine is to wash dirty clothes therefore it should come as no wonder that it needs to be sanitized as well. Complete a full cycle using only bleach to disinfect, then another cycle with vinegar to help dissolve soap scum, finally scrub around and complete another cycle with only water to thoroughly rinse out the machine.
  5. Cleaning stainless steel items in the house: Use a mixture of baking soda, tartar and peroxide to wipe down your sink and other stainless steel items to get them to shine.
  6. Cleaning your vacuum cleaner: In case there are some slightly weird smells emanating from your vacuum, simply rinse out the chamber and put inside it a few cotton balls soaked in your favourite fragrance to make the smell go away.

Hopefully these tips have made cleaning your house a breeze and now you can come back to a nice and tidy home.